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A team of four brave women set out to row across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia

It’s hard to imagine not feeling like you can take on the world after watching this. I want to get out my bucket list and start checking things off.

I feel inspired. Makes me want to push through the part of my life that presents struggle & continue to push on to fulfill my dreams.

It hit on some universal emotional truths and will be a piece that no matter who you are will speak to you and something that will live on forever.

Words fail me. I have watched about 1000 adventure travel films over the last seven years and this is probably the best.

What an incredible adventure!!! Amazing!


EVERYONE HAS A PACIFIC TO CROSS, and the journey of the Coxless Crew is truly a symbol for the 'Pacifics' we all cross in our lives everyday. Whether it's overcoming an illness, writing a book, standing up for yourself, or in fact a physical challenge similar to the row, we want to hear about your experience!

Everyone has a Pacific to cross, what's yours? Use the hashtag #MyPacific to tell us about your journey. 

Upcoming Screenings

Losing Sight of Shore is screening throughout the world in a location close to you. If you are interested in hosting a screening, please click below for more info.

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Oakland, CA
Jun 27
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Chicago, IL
Jul 19
Adventure Travel Film Festival
London, England
Aug 12
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Sep 16
Adventure Travel Film Festival
Feb 03
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